Eurythmy Association of Great Britain and Ireland

Welcome to the website of the Eurythmy Association of Great Britain and Ireland.  The Association exists as a voluntary body to further the work of eurythmy and eurythmists throughout the British Isles.  Revealed and further developed by the Austrian scientist, educator and philosopher Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861- 1925), eurythmy came into being as a new art of movement in the early decades of the 20th Century.  Through the instrument of the human body, eurythmy strives to reveal the fundamental creative principles underlying speech and music.

Eurythmy began as a new performing art of movement but soon after its inception eurythmy found further application in the realms of education and therapy. More recently an additional application has been developed in the social realm working with the dynamics of personal relationships and team building within organisations.  Further information on eurythmy can be found here.

The Eurythmy Association of Great Britain and Ireland was re-founded at a conference in Botton Village in July 2006 with a mandate to support eurythmy generally and the work of eurythmists in all spheres in which they are active. The Association acknowledges itself to be an integral part of the working of the Anthroposophical Societies in both Great Britain and Ireland.

Through its first origins as a performing art, the Association's members also recognise the connection of eurythmy to the Section for the Arts of Eurythmy, Speech, Drama and Music



  • The Eurythmy Association website has now moved over to our new domain name: . Please note all the email addresses have now migrated to the new format (ending
  • We are pleased to report that the Eurythmy Therapy Association has a new website .   As well as details about eurythmy therapy in the British Isles there are also links to find CAHSC (Council for Anthroposophic Health & Social Care) registered eurythmy therapists on the site.
  • The Newsletters of the Eurythmy Association of North America are available from download in the members' area.  Unfortunately, recent editions from 2012 & 2013 are too large to archive.  For those people that would like a copy, please email the administrator.
  • Finally it greatly facilitates our administration if members can pay their subscription by standing order. The form can be downloaded here. Please set up a standing order via your online/telephone banking service or take the completed form to your bank and send a copy to us.

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